We have 7+ years of experience in digital marketing field , thus we thought we have to enter in online classes  more to achieve. Taking course is not a waste of time, its a gaining knowledge, achieving something, to start a new project.  we  have a thought, we want to give courses more people in the village, so we kept in native Telugu language of all courses, thus in a small village guys also understand what the subject is.

We have reached in offline more than 25000+ students, lots of people settled in digital marketing field . if you like our motto, just share to your friend’s in social media to reach more people, so we can give more subjects with very low cost in Telugu , just a one share gives a boost to us even if you don’t buy also. We need more students in villages also to learn the subject and become awareness in all the matter , then no one blame them, all are equal in the world if you like our motto encourage us.